Customer Reviews of the Rodger Wireless Remote Enuresis Bedwetting Alarm

Absolutely Fantastic!!, 17 April 2012

I only bought this product 3 weeks ago but it has been absolutely fantastic!! My daughter is nearly 7 and had never had a dry night!! I was slightly reluctant to spend £100 but thought I would give it a try as a last resort. It is quite a lot of money for what it is!
I decided to give this a go at the beginning of the Easter holidays. At first we had a couple of wet nights as the alarm did not wake her. However now the alarm does wake her and she gets up to visit the bathroom on her own! The last few nights have been even better and the alarm has not gone off, she has remained dry!!

Amazing I wish I had bought it months ago! I'm sure it will save me more money in the long run as i've probably spent more on pull ups and laundry!

A great product! 

Its good - would recommend, 13 Mar 2012

We bought this for our 9 year old son and it works really well.

Plus points:

  1. 1 Pants come in different sizes.
  2. 2 Transmitter unit small and clips to the pant elastic
  3. 3 Receiver (Alarm) can work off batteries or mains and has good range(You can put it in your bedroom)
  4. 4 Detector in the pants sensitive and can't be 'missed'.


Negative points;

  1. 1 You have to remmber or train your child to disconnect the transmitter from the pants after it gets wet otherwise it flattens the battery (It continually transmitts "I'm wet" despite the alarm being reset on the receiver).
  2. 2 The poppers that the transmitter clips to the pants with are initially very stiff.
  3. On the whole its 100 times better than the wired ones you get from the NHS which the child can lie on and smother the speaker. (The detector can also miss the wet patch should the child wriggle)


Sure the Rodger is expensive but they sell easily 2nd hand. Would recommend! 

Fantastic, 11 Feb 2012

We bought this alarm for my daughter who, approaching seven, had a wet nappy virtually every night. On the first night the alarm failed to wake her on two occassions. Second & third nights she woke with the alarm. Since then she has either got up or gone through the night, and stopped wearing the pants after about 10 days. The results were amazing. Not every child will react so quickly (the instructions say it may take up to 5 months), but I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Amazing - can't believe the results!, 15 Dec 2011

I'm always sceptical of some of these reviews, but we bought this for our 7yr old son who has never had a dry night. Within just a few nights we have already seen a massive change! I am stunned. It's early days but the change so far is amazing. I honestly cannot believe how quickly we have seen a difference. If I had known how good this was I would have bought it a year ago. Yes, it's expensive, but (so far) it is so worth the money.
The first 2 nights - wet the bed three times
3rd night - wet the bed twice
4th night - dry all night!
5th night - wet twice
6th, 7th & 8th nights - wet once
9th, 10th & 11th nights - dry all night
This in a 7yr old who has never had a dry night in his life. The most important thing is that he is so proud of himself. As I said - it is early days but the initial signs are good. I so hope the improvements continue. If not - I'll post an update! 

absoluely magical!!!, 13 Dec 2011

I never ever write reviews!!! bu I thought I have to for this one! Our son is 4.5 and we had given up hope on him. He simply we himself whatever we did. taking him to the toilet before bed, not giving him liquids in the evening... you name it! we had tried everything. Until I heard about bedwetting alarms! Had no idea that such thing existed. So, wen online and decided to ge the expensive one hat was wireless with the pants and I don' regret it at all. The good thing about the pants is that they look like normal pants, so we had no fuss putting them on. So, the story began! We had a week full of accidents! His sleep was so sound that with the alarm on maximum, he was asleep! So, I had to run from our bedroom, wake him up and ... then I decided to get the vibrator as well and put it in his pillow. This had no effect either, but ..... the secound week however, we had once or twice a night (not 3) accidents and the third week, only once a night. and he would would keep most of it in and go to the toilet. and out of the blue, he stopped wetting 2 weeks ago, which was 3 weeks after we started! It's been 2 weeks already! and he's not been wet in the morning. yeyyyyy, I am absolutely thrilled! Recommend it to anyone and don't go for cheap options! This is 200% worth the money! and off course, if you want, you can sell it in ebay or ... 

Dry nights at last!, 5 Sep 2011

We have been using this alarm for 5 weeks now. The system is really easy to use with no wires and my son chose an alarm that he thought might wake him up....and it did even though he is a very heavy sleeper. He is able to attach the remote sensor to the pants himself and so he is able to be in complete control of the system. Initially the alarm went off a couple of times a night as my son (age 7) would wet himself. I considered buying a third pair of pants but I never got around to it. Within a fortnight my son was only setting the alarm off at about 6am just before he woke up. He then started to have a completely dry night interspersed with a couple of wet ones. He has now had over a week of dry nights. We moved him back downstairs to his bedroom last night and he was still dry. This has been a huge step forward as he was getting bothered that his little sister (age 3) was dry at night and he wan't. He wanted to take control but hadn't been able to. (We had done the 'talk', the changing bedsheets himself etc etc) He is really pleased as am I as I now don't have to change his bedsheets every day. I know it was an expensive purchase but it has been worth every penny to us. I also appreciate there may be the odd wet night still, but the improvement is enormous. 

Genius!, 6 May 2011

The Rodger Wireless Bed wetting alarm is fantastic!!

I purchased this in March as my 4 year old (nearly 5) daughter had never had a dry night. She was still wearing pull ups every night. I put it down to her being such a heavy sleeper, she has always slept so well from 7pm until 8am and never waking in the night - she could sleep through a bomb going off so I could not see her being dry anytime soon.

I had tried everything from limiting fluids to waking her up to take her to the toilet when I went to bed but she was still always wet in the morning.

I researched this alarm and others for a few months before deciding to go with this one. In the end I decided I did not like the idea of her having wires etc attached to her as I was afraid of her becoming tangled and not realising in her deep sleeps!!

The alarm comes with 2 pairs of pants so I ordered one extra pair as was unsure how many times through the night I would need to change her. When the alarm arrived my daughter was excited to use it rather than nervous as I had imagined her to be.

Anyway, our bedroom is next door to my daughters so I put the pants on her with the sensor clicked in and plugged the alarm in in her room and just left both out bedroom doors open so I would hear it. The first few times it went off I had to go in and wake her up as she was still fast asleep. This was only the first few nights though. The amount of times the alarm went off in the night varied from 1 - 3. The times weren't really the same or anything so there wasn't really a patturn. After about a week I would hear the alarm and get up and I'd be met by my daughter in the hallway after she had already reset the alarm and made her way to the bathroom.

The sensors are really sensitive and go off as soon as liquid hits them. for the first few nights my daughter had urinated quite a bit before the alarm had made her stop. This quickly changed to a tiny bit so as soon as the alarm went off she stopped urinating straight away - it did not take long for her brain to be trained! This also means that the bedding doesn't need changing every morning as I'd thought it would. The pants are really absorbant so even at the beginning when she was quite wet it never went through to the bedding.

Anyway, after using the alarm for about 4 weeks, my daughter had her first dry night last thursday!!!! I woke up and thought I hadn't switched the alarm on so went in to check if she was wet and no she was dry!!!! That was a week ago now and since then she also had dry nights on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday again so she has had 5 nights dry out of 8. So she's definitely well on the way to being dry and I would say its all down to the alarm! 

Rodger Wireless Alarm is incredible, 3 May 2011 By Samantha

My daughter is 5 and half. I bought the Rodger Wireless Alarm because she was starting to become miserable with her bedwetting, as was I. Until 3 and a bit weeks ago she'd had about three dry nights in her life. Then she started using this product. After five wet nights, and a little disappointment, we are now on our 18th dry night in a row! Unbelieveable progress! I feel like she has cracked this. The alarm re-trains them, but I do not understand how. It is a joy to see her face in the morning and have her tell us about another dry night. This definitely works. 

BRILLIANT product, do not hesitate, 22 Mar 2011

I normally never write reviews - far too busy to bother - but I felt I had to for this product. After years of the hassle and emotional stress of bed-wetting, and failed attempts involving incentives, limiting drinks, using hypnotherapy etc etc we decided to try an alarm for our 7 yr old girl. The NHS enuresis clinic supplied us free with an Astric alarm, but it failed the first night (started buzzing as soon as it was plugged in and wouldn't go off again) which put everyone off, and our daughter couldn't face the change and - as she saw it - humiliation of sleeping with nothing on her bottom half on a drawsheet. Having looked at all the options here on Amazon we decided to go for the Rodger alarm instead because it seemed most 'normal' - AND IT IS. No cold plastic sheets, no hard senors between your legs, no wires or contraptions... just a pair of soft comfy white pants with tiny wire sensors hidden in them, a small and smiling sensor unit at the waist (only about 3cm sqaure) and a wireless alarm unit with a choice of tones. Our daughter found the pants comfy and enjoyed choosing an alarm tone each night, settling on the friendliest-sounding one. The first few nights she slept through the alarm and we had to wake he. But then she started waking at only a few drops, then alternated dry nights with getting up with the alarm after wetting only a few drops... and then after 3 weeks was dry all night, every night. I only wish we had found out about it LONG before. Do not hesitate, this is a FAB product. 

Fantastic product, 30 July 2010 By Andrew

Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

I am just about to buy this product again, as we sold our last one on ebay and really wished we hadn't as our daughter has had a lapse after a year.

Obviously every child is different. With our daughter she still never wakes up in the night, but after 2 weeks of the alarm going of she somehow learnt to sleep through the night without wetting the bed rather than waking up, which I assume is the normal course of events, but our daughter is a very deep sleeper.

So once again I wouldn't dream of buying any other product than the Rodger alarm. Oh and my tip buy 3 pairs of pants in total and make sure you do not use comfort as instructed as it really does affect the effectiveness of the sensor. 

Excellent, 30 Jun 2010

This is a great product. My six year old never had a dry night until he tried this. I bought the parent alarm and the vibrating cushion to make doubly sure he would wake when weeing. The 1st week he had one dry night, the second week the last 2 nights dry and we are now on 13 consecutive dry nights. The alarm has trained my son to wake up at just the right time to use the toilet. He was initially quite annoyed at being woken up (and frightened too as it can be set very loud), but now wakes before the alarm goes off and uses the toilet. This is well worth the money. Sorry i did'nt get one sooner. I don't normally write reviews but I am so pleased with the Rodger alarm I want every parent of a bedwetter to know! 

Worth every penny, 6 Mar 2010 By Mr JC (UK)

Having had this product for a while now I cannot stress how much this product works, Going from a wet bed every night for the last 6 months to complete dry nights, We are in the middle of the programme and have the odd hick up but on large the results are amazing I must stress it will not work over night and we went 5 days before we had a dry night so at first you dont think its working but as time went on you will see the change, If the price puts you off Dont let it its worth every penny. 

This is the answer to your bed wetting problem, 2 Nov 2009

This product is genius. No wires just a simple pair of very ordinary looking pants, I cant stress this enough, because if they had been unusual my son would not have worn them. There are two press studs at the waist band where you attach a small one inch square receiver. You plug the alarm into the nearest socket and that it. The alarm goes off as soon as a drop of urine is detected, volume is adjustable, your child resets it by pressing a button, goes to the loo and changes into the spare pair. Obvisouly the alarm will keep sounding unless you change pants.
I only wish I had heard about this sooner, I put off the local bed wetting clinic twice, invested in waterproof matresses, covers etc and even tried those awful pyjama pants but this is the only thing that has worked.
Day 1 - novelty - alarm didnt go off at all and had the first dry night
Day 2 - set back - forgot to switch power on
Day 3 - alarm went off, went to loo, dry bed, changed pants
Day 4 - ditto
Day 5 - ditto
Day 6 - ditto

Please dont let the cost put you off, after experiencing dry nights now I think I severly under estimated the stress bed wetting caused for me and my son. The daily extra washing, the smell I just wished I had known about this sooner. 

 I wanted to thank you SO much.  The alarm I bought from you has transformed our family life and my eldest son is making instant and tremendous progress!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I should have tried this a lot lot earlier!

Thank you for your great product (Rodger Alarm & pants ordered from you November 2007).  Used it 2 years ago for my 5 year old son, within 7 weeks he was dry and has never needed to use it since.  Recently I used it for our 4 year old daughter and at the start of only her 2nd week, she has become dry, and dry every night since.  It is a brilliant product for training their brains to actually wake them up and go to the bathroom when necessary. Thank you very much.

 I cannot recommend this product highly enough - it has transformed our sons and our lives. Within the first few days it was clear it was working and within 4 weeks our son was getting up to go to the toilet in the night and we stopped having any wet beds. I have also fed this back to our local continence nurse who recommended this product in the first place.

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the Rodger alarm I purchased off you.  I was a bit dubious at first but my son is 6 and I felt that anything was worth a try.  He was dry in 5 weeks and I am over the moon and so is he!!  Thanks again

Hi, I bought one of your Rodger Wireless alarms recently for my 8 yr old son, I have tried everything else and this was a last resort. I should have done it sooner!! He has responded wonderfully to the motivation and encouragement and after one accident he has learnt to recognise the alarm in his sleep and get up before dissaster strikes! I'm so proud of him and very pleased with your product and will recomend it to anyone who asks. Thanks

Thanks for your advice – so far so good – will keep you posted as I am so excited – if this works it will be so liberating for all of us.  50p size accident on first night and so it has gone on – with no accidents on some nights.

Thanks for the advice on the phone.

Just wanted to say excellent product. Thought it was really expensive initially but after my 8 year old son went dry for the first time in his life after only a week I would have been happy to pay double!! The alarm worked brilliantly and never woke up the rest of the family dispite us living in quite a small bungalow. Thanks a million.

 Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with both the alarm and the sheet, I initially thought our son may be the first it wouldn't work for but by week five he was dry.  Our son is happier and we are less tired and stressed and thrilled with/for him.  I wish we had found this sooner (it now remains in a drawer!).  I can't sing praises high enough - have told my local betwetting clinic the same!

I recently purchased the Wireless Alarm for my 6 year old daughter. In 3 weeks she is now completely dry and gets up herself to visit the toilet every night.  My daughter also enjoyed placing the reward stickers on the chart.

Excellent item, superfast delivery and well packed. Highly recommended.

I have to say that for us it has been money well spent. I cannot believe how much it has changed the incontinence problem we had with our daughter. In 5 weeks we have had one slightly wet bed, a few nights when the alarm woke our daughter up and she made it to the toilet and for the past 3 weeks she has slept through the night. This was a child who would wet the bed every night if we didn’t wake her to go to the toilet. Nothing else has changed and she still has a bedtime drink.

We would happily recommend this alarm to anyone

Arrived quickly, item brilliant - Thank You!!!

I would just like to thank you for this miracle cure. My son wet the bed for nearly 9 years within 2 weeks of using rodger he is dry every night! He never once complained about wearing Rodger. I would recommend it to everyone with this problem and only wished I had invested in it a few years earlier. Thank you so much again.

a1 spot on - 100% - Answered my query by return of email and I got the item the next day, the alarm has helped my son so much he is nearly dry, Many thanks

  Hi Charlotte. Just wanted to let you know that this has been a huge success!! Our lad is 6 and a half and had had one dry night in his life. He was so excited to get "magic pants" that he has been dry since the second day. We are so pleased. Happy for you to use comments annonomously (but spelt correctly!!) 

Words can't describe how happy I am that a good friend recommended the Rodger Bedwetting System. My six year old son wore the alarm for 4 weeks in total and has not had a wet night since. The fact that it was wireless made it comfortable for him to wear and also very easy to use. Sleepovers are no longer an issue for him and I no longer have to do an "extra" load of washing every day. I wish I'd known about this great product sooner!

 Excellent - making a big difference after only a few days - great product !!!!

Good item. Recommend seller. Seems to be helping night times even after 1 week

Great product, great service, great after sales, Thanks

thanks works as it says excellent transation

Great item. many thanks

Very charming person to deal with. No problems what so ever

Excellent service.

(Mattress Pad Testimonial) - What a fab idea no more sounding like your child is sleeping in a bin bag !!!!!

Great item, tried and tested, prompt delivery, many thanks

thank you I am very pleased excellent service a++++++++++

Excellent, super fast delivery would definately recommend

Great item, superfast delivery, good communication, fab

fantastic product, would recommend, fast delivery

excellent product - saved me lots of washing!!!

Great product, as described.Friendly communication & fast delivery! many thanks!

Excellent item, superfast delivery and well packed. Highly recommended.

Perfect seller really helpful and very understanding A++++++++++

Excellent service will certainly recommend. Thankyou.

Speedy delivery, great product. Thankyou.

excellent item. highly recommend

excellent product arrived next day highly reccomended seller

100% - Answered my query by return of email and I got the item the next day the alarm has helped my son so much - Thank You So Much