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The Superior WIRELESS Rodger Bedwetting Alarm

Using the latest unique design technology - offers a simple solution - We believe NO other bed wetting device offers the same level of user comfort or ease of use 

If your child  frequently wets the bed, you know just how problematic it is!

Bed Wetting is more than a wet bed.  Bedwetting means: frustration, tension and stress for both the Parents and the Child, a fear to go to bed, no sleepovers with friends or school trips and excessive laundry for you!

The cost of laundering bedding each day is approximately £70.00 in just 12 weeks...!!!  (based on a daily cost of 48p for electricity and 26p for washing detergent - no allowance has been made for water costs or the additional cost if you then use a tumble drier)... Now add to this cost another £52.00 (based on 1 pull-up per night) if you use pull-up's at night for your child.

This would mean that you are currently spending an incredible £122.00 every 12 weeks!!!  Now... if you do use a tumble drier then you can add a further £144.00 to this cost - Yikes! with these figures you could have bought and paid for the alarm in 6 weeks!

Your Child is NOT alone and neither are YOU!

In every class of 8 year olds there are probably 5 children that are bedwetters, who, without treatment will have to make their excuses and miss out on School trips and sleepovers with friends.  I have spoken to Parents that make their holiday arrangements to ensure that they conflict with School trip dates, so that they have an 'alternative' reason for why the child cannot join in with the School trip... 

Bedwetting causes so much anguish for both the Child and the Parents: 

As a parent - whilst you do know that it is not a deliberate act by your Child, it can be very difficult to 'keep your cool' when faced with being woken up 'yet again', to change bedding and 'shower down' your child in the middle of the night....  (just as you have been doing for the past goodness knows how many years...!!!!) Constantly interrupted sleep does take its toll, and will no doubt 'try your patience' and understanding.

Children that would very much like to participate in outside interests know that they are unable to due to their 'problem'.  Clubs like Scouts and Girl Guides which their 'best friends' all go to - become 'out of bounds' to these children for fear of being 'found out' when it comes to the inevitable camping trips etc...  this can have a very damaging effect on their self-esteem and confidence, which in turn can have a knock on effect with their School work and Socialising skills.

Take Action NOW to cure your Childs' Bedwetting and put an END to both Yours and Your Childs Misery