Cure Bedwetting - Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips to Cure Bed Wetting with The Rodger Wireless & Clippo Bedwetting Alarms

  • When beginning with the treatment, be motivated, relaxed and confident
  • Do not make a game out of the treatment.  This will cause stress, and it is counterproductive
  • Never punish your child; your child is not responsible for occasional accidents
  • Do not wake your child at night to go to the toilet
  • Give your child an occasional reward.  A small present is a nice positive reinforcement that your child is doing well.
  • Do not start the treatment if important events will soon take place, i.e. moving house or the birth of a new baby
  • Leave a small light on; this will keep your child from sleeping too deeply
  • Do not let the temperature of your child's bed get too warm, as this will put your child into a deeper sleep
  • Do not stop your child from drinking before going to bed.  Drinking less does not decrease the likelihood of bedwetting.  However, it is preferable that your child does not drink coffee, tea, carbonated drinks or chocolate before going to bed
    If your child's bed wetting condition does not improve within 4 months, speak with your Doctor, as there might be a medical problem


The Rodger Wireless & Clippo bedwetting systems are suitable for children over the age of 5 years.  Most children stop bed wetting when they are 5.  Beyond this age, it might be necessary to help them remain dry at night.  Occassionally, a medical disorder may be present, but mostly bedwetting is due to an involuntary failure of learning; your child is not to blame.  Successful treatment with the Rodger System takes from a few weeks to a few months.  Persistance is the key to success.  If relapse occurs, a second course will usually succeed.

In the early days of the treatment, a child who is a heavy sleeper may not wake up.  In time, your child will 'tune in'.  Until then, you should wake your child, but make sure that your child hears and stops the alarm and goes to the bathroom.

Use the Rodger system every night until there have been no 'wet beds' for 14 nights.

The wireless receiver works on either mains or batteries.  Do not use in combination as this may damage the circuitry.

It is advisable to place the receiver some distance from the child, so that they have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Other nearby transmitters can disturb the bedwetting alarm system.  (For example : wireless baby monitor).  Either change the frequencies of the other devices or move them if needed for the treatment period.