Latest News / Updates to the Rodger Wireless Remote Enuresis Alarm

NEW - Double Alarm Receiver model

(February 16, 2010)
We are pleased to now be able to offer the Rodger Wireless Enuresis alarm with TWO Alarm Receivers - this is as a result of frequent requests by parents/carers ... The purpose of 2 receivers is that the user can have one in their room and the carer/parent can also have one with them either in their bedroom, or in any other part of the house if they feel that they will  be unable to hear and respond to a single alarm unit in the users room, this is particularly useful as the alarm receiver can be powered by battery, and hence the carer, would be able to keep a receiver with them as they move around the home of an evening, and still be in a position therefore to assist the user when the alarm is triggered.

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